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Network changes that will provide improved Service Delivery

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 - 11:27 - Tim

Service Outage Summary:

Raines Internet Solutions will be performing IP Address changes on all of our equipment at our Melbourne CBD data centre this Wednesday 16th Febuary 2011 between 12:00am AEDST and 1:00am AEDST. These changes are necessary in an effort to improve service delivery to all our hosting clients. Minimal impact to users is expected.

Further Outage Details and Effected Services:

Raines Internet Solutions will soon be taking dual diverse path IP Transit feeds from multiple upstream carriers, in an effort to improve network redundancy. Once the IP Address changes are in effect we will be able to provide an automated fail-over service between both upstream carriers using BGP, ensuring that if one IP transit feed is lost due to a fault, connectivity to the Internet will not be effected and it will be business as usual for our customers. The new network configuration we are implementing will also give us the ability to load balance our traffic between both upstream carriers, ensuring the fastest and closest possible route to remote hosts.
If you experience intermittent outages during the outage period this behaviour is expected. Please log a service job with any questions to our Service Desk.
Raines Internet Solutions will take care of migrating any DNS records that currently refer to existing IP Addresses on our current subnet to the new subnet. Please report any errors to our service department using the Service Desk system.
This notification applies to customers who have the following services on our systems:
  • Email Services (Inbound Mail - POP3 and IMAP4, Outbound Mail - SMTP)
  • Web Services - All Websites will be un-available.
  • DNS Services - DNS for locally hosted domains will be down. Domain Customers who use off-site DNS Servers will be un-effected.
  • Database Servers (MySQL Services on Windows and Linux, Microsoft SQL 2005 for Windows clients)
  • Connections to Dedicated Application Database Servers will be effected also.
  • Virtual Servers and Virtual Appliances
  • Customer Control Panel Access will un-available.

All e-mail deliveries will be held until services are back online. No inbound email should be lost due to the outage.

Actions Required By Customers and End-Users:
Raines Internet Solutions recommends not attempting to connect into email services for those customers who have Mail enabled on their domain name.
The following is a general guide to any service interruption procedure. This service outage is considered low risk to customer data but we still are required to make mention to the following statement:
Before the outage occurs we suggest making a backup of your web site and email setup. You can do this by selecting the Backup option in your Web Hosting Control panel. Raines Internet Solutions performs a daily; 7-day cycled off-site backup of both systems but will always recommend for customers to perform backups of their own data as a precautionary measure.
No other actions are required by customers during the upgrade. Please Contact Us on our Support Number: (613) 9912-6838 for further questions. During the outage we will be unable to provide an Out of Hours phone service. We are investigating other support options during this time please stay posted via this notification for any updates on this matter.

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