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Product Returns and Warranty Policy

Returns Policy Overview:

Raines Internet Solutions offers limited Warranty on all Products and Services. We will accept Product Returns and Claims of Warranty according to the Terms out-lined for the product or service in question. Once deemed defective either by Raines Internet Solutions or by the Supplier/Distributor or Manufacturer, an Exact or Closest match Replacement will be issued.

Warranty on ALL Products is limited by the Terms either explained on the Invoice Issued with sale, the Full Terms and Conditions found on our web site, product description on Raines ShopExpress or by documentation provided by Supplier/Distributor/Manufacturer. Raines Internet Solutions will not be held responsible/liable for damaged and/or faulty goods outside these terms.

If a Replacement product has been super-seeded by a new model, version or retired from sale, the closest matching product will be issued. If newer model exceeds the value of the Returned product, the customer may be expected to pay the additional costs. This situation is a case-by-case determination.
Making a Warranty Call with Raines Internet Solutions:
Customers can make a Warranty Call using our online Warranty Call Form. Visit this URL to make a Warranty Call:
Warranty will be determined by the date of Invoice for the Product in Question. Please Contact Us if you believe an error of judgement has been made.
For More Information:

Please read our Standand Terms & Conditions for Sales & Quotations document which contains futher details on Returns and Warranty policies that are summarised on this page. 


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