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KB10503857 - Tutorial: How to access your web site using WS_FTP.

This article provides a flash tutorial on how to Publish your web site using the application which Raines Internet Solutions recommends for FTP Access called; WS_FTP.
Learning Assesment:
  • Using WS_FTP Software
  • Creating New FTP Site Using WS_FTP
  • Entering User Credentials for FTP Connection
  • Specifying Sub-Domain folder after Site Creation
Information about the Issue:
FTP Access to your hosting account and or websites / subwebs can be achived using WS_FTP software from Ipswitch Inc. Raines Internet Solutions recommends the use of this software to clients. Please look in this section of the KB for articles that provide support for publishing web sites using other software applications, advanced users are welcome to use the FTP package of their choice.
Related Downloads:
Before watching this tutorial, make sure you are running a version of WS_FTP. Please install the software and become firmiliar with it before continuing.
We provide a download for you to try out the software for personal use only. Please read KB1050919 for more information.
Flash Tutorial:

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